March 31, 2020

To All Our Valued Customers:

Since its founding in 1983, Noble Oil Services has recognized the importance of the well-being of our customers, our employees and the environment in which we live. We are now facing a global pandemic and I want to assure you that our commitment to maintaining the highest levels of safety and service will continue.

As a provider of used oil and industrial waste collection, emergency response services, fuel and waste transport and processing, Noble Oil Services is designated as an Essential Business. We provide scheduled and on call services to essential manufacturing, government, transportation and other life critical operations. While many non-essential businesses have been required by state and local authorities to shelter in place, our employees are expected to safely perform their duties to keep other essential businesses functioning.

As an Essential Business, Noble Oil Services is exempt from closure and travel restrictions in order to perform needed business functions. These functions include:

  • All fuel and waste handling and processing operations; and,
  • Employee travel to and from their workplace and for customer services.

I recognize the increased responsibility that we have to operate at the highest level of safety during this time, and we have implemented rigorous coronavirus control programs to prevent virus transmission in the work place, at customer sites, and at home. Each employee in the more than 15 states in which we operate has participated in an exposure assessment, has been briefed on protective measures, and is supplied with disinfectants and materials to clean work spaces daily (including truck cabs). Additionally, we have instructed all team members who experience cold or flu-like symptoms to remain home and follow CDC guidelines.  Furthermore, we have developed new procedures for drivers and facility staff to eliminate physical contact that may lead to virus transmission. And, to the maximum extent possible, managers and employees work from home or remote offices.

While many other things in our lives are now changing every day, the one constant you can rely on is Noble Oil Services commitment to our customers.  I assure you that each of our employees that services your account is practicing effective virus hygiene and will be doing their part to protect against the possible transmission of coronavirus.

We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust the actions taken as necessary to help limit the spread of the virus and protect our valued customers. If you have questions on the safety measures we employ or have your own site-specific health or security procedures we need to be aware of, please feel free to contact us at 919.819.5293 or via email at


James J. Noble
Chief Executive Officer